January 09, 2015

Let There Be Vines!

On November 24, 2014, I showed you this peek of my baskets set on point.  I kept adding baskets until I had a panel of 5 baskets.  Then I sewed a solid strip down the center.  Eventually, there will be one more solid strip and one more basket panel. 

basket.collection2 panel1.12.31.2014 IMG_5566

The quilt will be called “Baskets of Honeysuckle, ” but it needs the honeysuckle in order to make it complete.  I am at the point where I am itching to applique’.

Before I go any further, you should know that I like to work in a pretty free-form style.  I make templates out of plastic and cardboard, but determining where I want them to go has no specific pattern.  I add things as I want to, move them around, etc..

12.31.2014Over the last week, I added some vines, and then made some templates for the leaves and flowers.  Some of the templates are based upon the beautiful quilt in this book.  Others are free-form drawings by me.  This is the stage that I LOVE!

As I teach quilting classes, my students often will ask me if they can get a copy of the pattern for my quilts.  The answer is usually “NO,” because I’m not a pattern kind of gal. 

The photo below shows you where I am right now.  The vines that you see are basted down.  More will be added to this panel.  What you probably can’t see is the blue wash out marker lines where I have plans to add some applique’ leaves and flowers.



Remember, this is a work in progress.  It might look entirely different in two weeks.  Things might be moved around, or things might be added.  Who knows how it will turn out?  I’m playing.  That’s what happens when you play!

What have YOU played with lately?

December 28, 2014

Caron’s Feathered Star – Completed!

“If you’re going to do something,  do it right.”   Betty Covert  (my mom)

I had planned on making a feathered star quilt for a very long time… at least twenty years.  It was always on my mind as a “one day I’m going to make that” quilt.  I spotted a few beautiful printed fabrics, and knew I wanted to use them in this quilt.  The fabric was purchased by my husband (thanks, Honey!), so I washed it and pressed it and set to work.


One of the fabrics I love, but I just felt it wasn’t a good fit with the others.  In this photo, the fabrics have been pressed and stacked.  The fabric that did not belong in this quilt is the one just above the red.  I am saving it for something else, just not sure what yet.


The quilt was pieced by hand.  That means that I did not use a sewing machine.  At all.  See all the goodies on the couch?  That is what our couch looked like most evenings.  Oh, with the addition of Stormie (the cat) most of the time.


The little bit here shows one night’s worth of work.

One block

This is one block completed. 
Multiply that by 9. 


The little red stars were made, and lattice strips were sewn between the nine blocks like a tic tac toe board.

I thought about adding a different border (shown below) but scratched that Idea.  I thought it would be too busy.  I never plan the whole quilt in advance.  I let it talk to me as I go along.  I try to listen… I usually get it right (for me, anyway!).  I wanted a certain sweetness from this quilt, and the border below just seemed too harsh for the look I was going for.


flimseyThe quilt top was completed and ready for sandwiching (which means putting the  backing, batting and quilt top together as one “quilt sandwich.”)  I hold the three layers together with little brass pins.  They are removed as I am quilting.


You can read more about how I baste on this blog post.

Jan 4.2013It took me over a year and a half to hand quilt this quilt using a lapphoto 2 hoop.  You could call this “Stormie’s Quilt,” as usually Stormie was found laying on the quilt or on me as I stitched.  However, this is MY quilt, and I will share with her from time to time.  (Note:  She doesn’t just lay there.  She hugs!)

The quilting and binding is now completed…
December 28, 2014.

IMG_5556      IMG_5554

Thank you for following the progress on this quilt!  It has been a delightful quilt to make, and has more stitches in it than any other quilt I have made.  I am ready to continue work on my Baskets of Honeysuckle quilt, and a smaller quilt that I will begin soon and tell you more about at a later date. 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year with nothing but good things to come your way!
If you are a quilter, you might enjoy the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group.  This year, we will be focused on learning more about hand quilting – the traditions around the world, tips, tricks, how designs are created, and so much more.  
Caron’s Feathered Star was made with Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting,
YLI quilting thread (Sticks n’ Stones), and stitched with Bohin Sharps needles, 
size 10 and 11.