November 22, 2014

Honeysuckle Baskets Fabric Chosen

The fabric for the applique panels on the quilt “Honeysuckle Baskets” has been chosen and is in the hands of the United Postal Service via Priority Mail from

First, the beautiful fabric:  Rose & Retro Pink, Cherry & Watermelon Red
ombreSoft transitions of cloudy colors and the unique yet wonderful imperfections we have come to love from artistic hand-dyes have made this ombre a dream come true. Hand-dye, ombre gradient is darker on both selvedges moving towards lighter down the center of the fabric, from the 'Ombre Hand Dyes' collection by Marcus Fabrics. Made in India.

I love ombre fabrics for applique.  It affords me the option of creating a real, natural look with one fabric. 

Next for the stems and leaves: Windham Blendables - Speckled Yarn-Dye - Loden Green


Lt Olive, Moss & Loden Green
This woven cotton poplin is constructed from multi-colored threads in subtle shades of dusty greens. The slight shifts in color and natural irregularities make for an interesting woven that can stand all on its own. Yarn-dye, from the 'Windham Blendables' collection by Windham Fabrics.  I had looked at several other fabrics before deciding on this one, but this one spoke to me for some reason.  It’s always hard to determine the precise color, as every computer monitor is different.  But on my monitor, I fell in love with this. 

Stay tuned…

November 18, 2014

I love this shape!

quiltbookMy husband and I celebrated our 39th anniversary on November 15th, and as a special gift, he presented me with this AWESOME book!  I have seen a photo of the quilt that graces the cover many times over the past year, and that beautiful honeysuckle flower always catches my eye.  There is something about the shape of the petals that I find charming.  Do you have a particular shape that catches your eye?

Over the past year or so, I have been making basket blocks here and there.  The plan is to put them together in columns with an appliqued panel in between each column.  The panels will feature the honeysuckles draped on a vine, with a border around the outside also featuring applique.  What pattern am I following?  I don’t have a pattern.  Other than the shape of the petals, the design will be free-form in nature, much the way quilters long ago created their quilts. 



These are the baskets that I have thus far. I have many more to make! They will finish at 10 inches square, however each basket will have a neutral background that they sit on, so each basket get four triangles (one per corner) to square them up.  Hope that makes sense.  The quilt will be scrappy in nature.

I plan to show the progress of this quilt as I go along so you can see how I work.  This is a “do-as-I-go” project, so anything can happen!


Stay tuned!

October 13, 2014

It’s just not me

A few years ago, I bought a Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter and a Grace "Next Generation" frame so that I could machine quilt.  I had good intentions, but I discovered that I am definitely NOT a machine quilter.  I enjoy the peace that comes from sitting and slowly hand stitching.  It’s what I am good at, and I love it.  When I machine quilt, I become agitated and stressed. I love the sewing machine, just not on a frame.  It is wonderful for straight stitching and piecing! 

Soooo, I am selling my frame, the carriage that holds the machine, and the Quilter’s Cruise Control.   I need it out of my basement and into a home where it will be loved and used.  Located in the Flint, Michigan area, we will disassemble and help load it into your vehicle for the drive home.    If you are interested, please contact me via email at caron mosey at gmail dot com. 

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