April 25, 2009

"Quilted Treasures" Quilt Show, Genesee Star Quilters

I had the joy of attending the "Quilted Treasures" quilt show this morning, put on by the Genesee Star Quilters in Flushing, Michigan. It was nice that it was held at my own church!
It made attending very easy.

I can't show all of the quilts in the show, but here were some of my favorites via Flickr. Some photos show the whole quilt, others just show close-ups of parts I wanted to remember.

Click here to see all the photos I took at the show.


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  1. Hi Caron ~ Thanks so much for sharing the pictures you took of quilts at the quilt show you attended. They are stunning, each in their own way and I really enjoyed them.

  2. what is the name of that pattern? It is gorgeous

  3. I just LOVE this quilt..
    It is so beautiful...such beautiful work. Can you please share the name of the pattern.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Julia ♥


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