October 21, 2011

There is Gray Everywhere When You're Looking For It

I'm noticing the color gray (grey) everywhere I look lately.  Last night I went to dinner at the White Horse Inn in Metamora, Michigan with my friends Lisa and Marlee. The White Horse Innestablished in 1850,  is the oldest restaurant in Michigan.  I walked into the bathroom and smiled immediately. Had this been fabric on the walls, I probably would have peeled it off and stuffed it in my purse.  Beautiful gray striped wallpaper and floral border.  Yummy!  How many people do you know who take pictures of restroom walls?

I think I have a sickness...


  1. What I like about the White Horse... IS THE FOOD... I always stuff myself... mostly on appetizers.

    I am finding grey every where too... if you find some charcoal .... let me know.


  2. LOVE White Horse Inn- the food and the ghost!

  3. Very pretty - never been there! I'll have to put it on my list. Let's hope these grey skies give way to blue soon...


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