November 21, 2012


Is it just me, or has autumn been extremely busy?

We celebrated grandson Fischer’s first birthday at their house.

Candles Big brother Jacob got to light Fischer’s birthday candles (this was a first)
age 1 cake

Fischer with his mommy looking at his cake

photo Thoroughly enjoying birthday cake with almost every inch of his one year old body.
Loren.Sam.2012 Uncle Loren did Samantha’s fingernails for her!

new office


I’ve been busy at work with a new position as Quality Training Coordinator and a move to our new office space at Corporate.  Office still not quite done in this photo… but we moved in yesterday.


In every spare moment, I’ve been working on hand piecing my feathered star quilt.  The main portion of the quilt is now complete, as shown here:

















I’m playing with a few different options for the border.  This is one that I like, however I don’t think I will go with it.  I think it will give the quilt a heavier look, and I don’t want that. 


So stay tuned and you’ll soon see the finished top! 


  1. love the feathered star - baby birthdays are so much fun.

  2. Yes, I have noticed time flying faster than ever these days. I love your stars so far. I can identify with your way of planning as you go and finding just the right solution. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Lovely baby and family photos and your feathered stars are gorgeous. I do like the spiky border, but am looking forward to seeing what you end up with.

  4. Oh it is beautiful ! ( have found your blog through the Celebrate Hand Quilting site...)


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