January 05, 2013

30 Things: Number 13

13. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.
  1. Coffee.  I adore coffee.  Hot, cold, whatever.  Coffee flavored treats.  Coffee in recipes.  You name it.
  2. Fabric.  Quilting fabric.  I don’t have to actually make the quilt.  I have the quilt in mind already before I buy the fabric, and once I have prewashed and ironed the fabric, I can see the quilt in my mind and know how I’m going to make (and quilt) it.  So once I see it in my mind, I can move on to the next quilt. 
  3. Pinterest.  There are so many great things posted on Pinterest, I could be there all day.  But I won’t.  Unless you let me!
  4. Staring at water.  If I could live by a body of water, I would never get anything done. I love to sit and just look at the water and think.  It’s the most peaceful thing!
  5. Sudoku puzzles.  I have an app on my iPhone, and I could sit and play for hours.  I think I’ll go do that.  Now.

  Blogger is really making me mad... trying over and over to publish posts with photos, and every time I try, I get an error message.  ARGH!  

BUT... something that makes me giggle:  I got a haircut and new hair color.  I like it!!! Now, if I can only style it myself (and quickly on weekdays when I'm in a hurry to leave for work!).

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  1. I was having trouble downloading my pictures to my blog as it would not show me the brozer or find file. It would me post the picture through my phone but not off my picture file. I had to go to my blog through chrome and it would work through there. You might try that.

  2. You don't seem to be alone on the blogger problems. I have read the same in other blogs. If it happened to me, I would just think it was something wrong with me but when I see you saying it, I say shame on blogger! I agree coffee anything should be #1.


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