January 13, 2013

A stroll through the quilt blogs…


A quick stroll with quick comments about what I saw in my (short) visit:

http://birdnestontheground.blogspot.com/ Pat shared her holiday pics of family… I love her blog no matter what she posts!

http://karensquilting.com/blog/ Karen’s Dizzy quilt and some string pillows

Quilting With The Past  Beautiful close-up picture of hand quilting in progress!

http://www.browndirtcottage.com/ Yo-yo quilt pictures

Plain and Simple Libby got an “eThimble” for Christmas.  I’d never heard of one!  Check it out!

Hanne’s Quilt Corner  Look what she made!  How cute!  A little zipper pouch  for her embroidery tools.

That’s just a few of the quilt blogs in my list… I think I need to go through my list and update, as many of the blogs in that list are no longer being used.  YIKES!


If you’re reading this on a blog reader, I updated the header photo on my blog.  Come on over and take a look!



  1. I had never heard of an EThimble - I'm sure a lot of quilters will want to try that out.
    Love your new header.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Some have been friends for a while ans some were first-timers. It is nice to take the tour with you.


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