February 20, 2013

Are You Perfect?

I don’t think I know anyone who is perfect.  Certainly not me!  I’m human, just as I think you are.  I make mistakes.  Just as you do.  My day is a mixture of doing things I like to do, doing things I need to do (but don’t necessarily enjoy doing), and doing things that others expect me to do (such as things at my place of employment).  I like to think I am more than adequate in everything that I do, as I put expectations on myself to always do my best.  I assume you are much the same. Nobody WANTS to do a bad job of anything.  Nobody PLANS on messing up.  But there are some days when it seems as if nothing I do is right. 

So before anybody expects perfection from me, let’s get just one thing perfectly clear:
I AM NOT PERFECT.  You may be, but I AM NOT.  And I’m quite happy with that, thank you very much.

Oh, I feel SO much better now!  Thanks for letting me put that out there for the whole world to see.

No comments are necessary.  Unless they are nice. 


  1. Well, you may not be perfect but you are way ahead of whoever is in second place. I could learn a lot about both quilting and blogging from you.

  2. Not perfect either and proud of it! Isn't it great to be human?;-)

  3. Thank God I'm not perfect! Would hate to have to live up to that every day. I do my best, which like you is hopefully above adequate most all the time, but no delusions of perfection here and not looking for it in others. ;D

  4. Being "not perfect" is very freeing. The only perfection we should strive for is kindness. Would'nt life be so much nicer.

  5. Here's my saying to those who criticize:
    "Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I may not be perfect, but
    Neither are you!"

    Perfection is overrated - when it comes to humans, anyhow. Those who expect *us* (i.e.; "others") to be perfect, need to cast a sidelong glance at a mirror themselves on a more frequent schedule. I feel it's enough to be kind, happy, helpful, honest, diligent and friendly, even unto strangers...it starts a good karmic wave.

    Perfection is best left to nature, sunsets, and God. [climbing down off soapbox]

  6. Nobody's perfect, right? I certainly am not! My husband & I take turns being wrong (I let him get more turns lol). Where have you been? I hope you're having a nice long vacation or something.

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas


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