January 20, 2014

Amish Center Diamond Quilt – Hand Quilted


Fleur de Caron II 2014

Fleur de Caron II    58 x 58 inches

It’s no secret that I love Amish quilts.  I have made several in my almost 40-year quilting career.  I love the simplicity of the design, and the solid colors which were mostly used in true Amish quilts.  I think what attracts me the most is that without the quilting design, the quilt doesn’t have zing.  It is just solid colors sewn together in what is often a boring pattern.  The hand quilting gives the quilt life.  It is the hand quilting that I most enjoy as a quilter, thus an Amish-style quilt provides me a canvas for my stitches.

The quilt above is based on an Amish “Center Diamond” pattern.  You can see more Center Diamond quilts here:

“Fleur de Caron II” features a traditional outer cable border, four yellow squares (hand dyed by the artist ) with  spiral circles, four large dark grey triangles in a vine designed by the quilter accompanied by a circular design (Linda Macho, “Quilting Patterns”). The lime green center contains “Fleur de Caron,” designed by the artist. The lighter purple in the quilt has also been hand dyed by the artist.  All fabrics are Kona cotton with the exception of the hand dyed fabrics mentioned above. 

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Photos of “Fleur de Caron II” Under Construction:

“Fleur de Caron II” is FOR SALE.  If you are interested, please see http://blog.caronmosey.com/p/for-sale.html


As always, this quilt has passed inspection.


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  1. What perfect quilting stitches! The quilt is beautiful.


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