March 30, 2014

“Purple Reign” in Progress

I’m still here… and I’ve been very busy working on

“Purple Reign.”

2014 IMG_4651
Purple.Reign.2014 photo 1
photo 2 I used Mountain Mist Poly Light and it is like hand quilting through butter! 

Stay tuned…


  1. Loving your progress on this awesome wall hanging... thanks for taking a minute to share pics of your process :) Kathi

  2. That certainly will be lovely. I am interested to hear about that batting because I always use thinsulate (3M) from the roll and I have not seen it for sale in the States. I had heard they were going to make quilt battings but I rather imagine the market is pretty saturated by other companies. I saw many battings but they were all encased in plastic and no way to check either texture or loft.


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